The Gender and SSR Training Resource Package's Training Exercises and Topics for Discussion were developed by Agneta M. Johannsen. Agneta M. Johannsen has extensive experience in peacebuilding, gender and post-conflict transition. Agneta worked as advisor, staff and consultant with several international organisations, including the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Population Fund, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme and the Japan International Cooperation Agency. She was Deputy to the Director of the War-torn Societies Project at the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, and led a research, training and evaluation team for the project's successor organisation, WSP International. She has also worked for several non-governmental organisations. 

Agneta has also been Faculty Member at Webster University in Geneva, and is a psychological counsellor. Combining her interests in international relations, psychology and anthropology, Agneta's professional orientation has recently focused on cross-cultural communication, learning/training and trauma response.





The Gender and SSR Training Resource Package was edited by Megan Bastick.


The Examples from the Ground were compiled by Beatrice Mosello of DCAF.






The Gender and SSR Training Resource Package Project Advisory Board



DCAF would like to thank the Gender and SSR Training Resource Package Project Advisory Board for their contributions to these training resources.

On the Guide to Integrating Gender in SSR Training: Peter Albrecht, Michael Ashkenazi, Gabriela Elroy, Margarete Jacobs, David Law, Angela McKay, Anna Orrnert, Tobias Pietz, Nicola Popovic, Jamila Seftaoui, Gry Tina Tinde, Daniel de Torres and Anne Kristin Treiber.

On Security Sector Reform and Gender: Maria Ela Atienza, Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan, Ute Hegener, Cheryl Hendricks, Linda Ohman, Anna Orrnert, Nicola Popovic, Daniel de Torres, Anne-Kristin Treiber and Helena Vazquez.

On Police Reform and Gender: Ecoma Alaga, Peter Albrecht, Maria Ela Atienza, Robert Bereiter Richard Berszczewski, Lucia Dammert, Oliver Jansen, Nadine Jubb, Fedor Keredzin, Minna Lyytikäinen, Christine Mgwenya, Eirin Mobekk, Linda Ohman, Vujicic Predrag, Daniel de Torres, Anne-Kristin Treiber, Tobie Whitman and Erika Wietinger.

On Defence Reform and Gender: Lesley Abdela, Maria Ela Atienza, Annick Bergmans, Colonel Kani Coulibaly Diabaté, Sarah Farnsworth, Cheryl Hendricks, Lauren Hutton, Linda Ohman, Tobias Pietz, Albrecht Schnabel and Helena Vazquez.

On Justice Reform and Gender: Ricarda Amberg, Maria Ela Atienza, Caroline Bowah, Nadia Gerspacher, Eirin Mobekk, Sandra Oder, Nicola Popovic, Aleksandar Prvulovic, Shelby Quast, Colette Rausch, Jolynn Shoemaker, Mary Hope Schwoebel, Kristin Valasek, Rebecca Wallace and Karen Wylie.

On Penal Reform and Gender: Rob Allen, Corey Barr, Paul Biddle, Andrew Coyle, Lucia Dammert, Gabriela Elroy, Helen Fair, Mel James, Ingrid Jeunhomme, Richard Kuuire, Mary Murphy, Esther Omolara Ojeah, Dean Peacock, Jayadev Sarangi, Mia Spolander, Daniel de Torres and Kathrin Quesada.

On Border Management and Gender: Corey Barr, Kristen Cordell, Angela Mackay, Aleksandar Prvulović, Kathrin Quesada, Daniel de Torres and Kristin Valasek. 

On Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector and Gender: Ecoma Alaga, Hilary Anderson, Maria Ela Atienza, Antje Fritz, Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan, Ilja Luciak, Nicola Popovic, Natasha Mitrevska, Luis Moratinos-Munoz, Linda Ohman, Daniel de Torres and Anne-Kristin Treiber.

On National Security Policy-Making and Gender: Maria Ela Atienza, Caroline Bowah, Daniel de Torres, Willem F. van Eekelen, Gabriela Elroy, Cheryl Hendricks, Helga Hernes, Lauren Hutton, Linda Ohman, Susan Penksa, Nicola Popovic and Mark White.

On Civil Society Oversight of the Security Sector and Gender: Hilary Anderson, Michael Ashkenazi, Maria Ela Atienza, Klelija Balta, Lucia Dammert, Vanessa Farr, Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan, Ute Hegener, Minna Lykinnäianan, Sandra Oder, Nicola Popovic, Daniel de Torres and Anne-Kristin Treiber.

On SSR Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation and Gender: Maria Ela Atienza, Daniel de Torres, Mpago Foaleng, Juliet Hunt, Nicola Popovic, Kristin Valasek and Victoria Walker.